Thursday, March 27, 2008

America's Unions lost their relevence long their minds... Part IV

A court in (big surprise here) California ruled recently that home-schooled kids need to be taught by a credentialled parent, despite the fact that home-schooled kids have some of the best outcomes across the board relative the the public school system, no doubt especially in California where the system is bogged down by immigrant children.

Who do you suppose is responsible for this? The teachers union.

Why do you suppose? Because home schooled kids are outperforming the public system. A system with a near monopoly, and a lack of accountability. Because parents don't belong to the union.

...and despite the fact that overall public school funding has been increased by several magnitudes (even when adjusted for inflation) over the last several decades.

Check out the monumental arrogance here:

Parents "do not have a constitutional right to home school their children," wrote California appellate Justice Walter Croskey.

But they can go to a non-public, private school? As such, parents do not have a constitutional requirement to send their kids to public school despite being forced to pay for it via property taxes. Furthermore, last time I checked, the Constitution was written before we had a public school system.

We love our kids' teachers. We don't home school our kids, but it certainly was an option we considered. Had we decided in favor of home schooling, I'd sure like to see how anyone would have stopped us. who are taught at home are less likely to be truants. Their parents choose to spend their time teaching English, math and science precisely because they don't think the public schools do a good enough job.

This is yet another of the seemingly endless attempts of arrogant, elitist, liberal government officials like Larry Pogemiller to intrude into our lives without justification and with obvious motivation.

But at least one political lobby likes the ruling. "We're happy," the California Teachers Association's Lloyd Porter told the San Francisco Chronicle. He says the union believes all students should be taught only by "credentialed" teachers, who will in due course belong to unions.

That so many families turn to home schooling is a market solution to a market failure -- namely the dismal performance of the local education monopoly.

For some parents, the motive for home schooling is religious; others want to protect their kids from gangs and drugs. But the most-cited reason is to ensure a good education.

Home-schooled students are routinely high performers on standardized academic tests, beating their public school peers on average by as much as 30 percentile points, regardless of subject. They perform well on tests like the SAT -- and colleges actively recruit them both for their high scores and the diversity they bring to campus. (emphasis mine)

If John McCain wants an issue to endear him to cultural conservatives, this would be it. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama rarely stray from the preferences of the teachers unions, but we'd like to know whether they really favor the certification of parents who dare to believe they know best how to teach their children.

There may be no better example of unionization of an industry serving only the interests of the union while simultaneously eroding the quality of the "product" than the US educational system.

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Night Writer said...

And yet this teacher in California taught high school for 17 while being unable to read, write or spell.

First he passed through the California education system and graduated from high school, made it through college and then was hired by the same system that passed him through.