Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coleman takes a Shot

"Mr. Franken can't show a single day in the last 30 years that he has done anything to help any Minnesotan solve any problem," said Coleman, a first-term senator who will begin a re-election campaign tour Wednesday. "The reality is I'll be running against someone whose temperament is such, whose style is such of being incredibly divisive, incredibly angry."

Andy Barr, communications director for the Franken campaign, took the criticism in stride.
"We were really looking forward to having a spirited but professional conversation about the issues, but it seems likely we'd be pretty lonely"

Andy, are you serious?

Al Franken wouldn't know professional from a man in a gorilla suit.


Al Franken's going to be lonely? We wouldn't know, he doesn't come around Minnesota too much. He seems to have plenty of friends in Hollywood...not so much in Minnesota.

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