Saturday, March 22, 2008

Come Here and Say That Larry

"I think it's simplistic and naive to say people can spend their money better than the government."

Them's fightin' words. The Audacity of Audacity.


Brad Carlson said...

Sure thing, Larry. After all, I routinely spend more than $500 on my toilet seats. Don't all private citizens?

Night Writer said...

Plus, if I give $1 to poor person, that person gets...$1! If the government takes $1 from me to give to a poor person, the poor person gets, what, about 68 cents?

Bike Bubba said...

And you get to figure out if the poor person needs a dollar, a hamburger, or a rebuke. Sure wish government couuld catch up & figure that out.

Yeesh. The guys who routinely go 4x over budget are lecturing the private sector on fiscal responsibility. Surreal.