Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fly Baby Fly!

My partner and I were en route to Hutchinson this morning on Highway 7 West when we hit a sheet of ice at highway speed. The car went sideways, and with an assist from the stability control system, I corrected just enough to point the nose in the direction that the car was going - which was off road - whether we liked it or not.

We flew through the air over fifty feet while dropping about twenty before touching down in a cornfield, and kept moving so we didn't get stuck.

We missed a couple power poles and were also lucky that there was no oncoming traffic at that particular moment, 8:30 AM or so.

Had we gone off sideways we would have rolled....and rolled.

We felt like Bo and Luke Duke once we realized what had just happened and that in fact we weren't dead. I drove a few hundred yards through the cornfield, pulled back up onto the Eastbound shoulder, and got out to assess the carnage.

The Chrysler 300C, built on the prior-generation Mercedes Benz E-Class Chassis, suffered substantial damage to the plastic under trimmings and front and rear bumpers. Red and Blue fluids gushed from under the grille (presumably coolant and windshield washer fluid).

Otherwise, all doors including the hood and the trunk were still in perfect alignment as were all metal body panels. The exhaust pipe was flattened.

The black beast landed like an airplane with its gear up; snow, turf and black plastic flying everywhere meanwhile coddling us inside while we almost soiled ourselves, only spilling a wee bit of our coffee in the cup holders, which we fashionably finished awaiting our flatbed.

The lease is up in a few months. My choice? Another 300C, of course.

Thank God my lease wasn't up today.


Smithers said...

Holy crap! Glad to hear you are ok!

Bike Bubba said...

Glad you're OK. Yikes.

Assuming, on the light side, that you would be Luke, since you've got the dark hair. :^)

redBeard said...

Whew. good job on keeping the car under control and glad to hear you're all okay.

Kate said...

Hmph. Although I there are three of you, I can't afford to lose a brother. Thank you for, you know, living n' stuff.

Very very glad you're ok. This does NOT mean I've forgiven you for the time when I was 6 and you stormed into the house wearing a horrendous werewolf mask and scared the ever-living crap out of me. That, my friend, I shall never forget. Neverrrr! *shakes fist*