Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Am Legend

It's a Ford Commercial. It's a very scary film. It reminded me of the long passage in Castaway where Tom Hanks' character is utterly alone and there is an hour give or take of no dialogue.

A miraculous cure for cancer suddenly morphs into a deadly airborne viral plague, wiping the earth clean of ninety percent of it's human inhabitants. The very few that are immune to the effects of the virus fall victim to those who also survive but are transformed into rabid, nocturnal, humanoid - and did I mention cannibalistic creatures.

The depiction of Manhattan, bereft of humanity, grass growing through cracks in the avenue is intense. The special effects, state of the art, no longer appear to be effects.

True to form, it is up to Will Smith to save humanity. Have no fear, he's done it before.

The ending was compressed as if the producers ran out of time, budget, or both. Maybe Will's Ford Mustang in the opening scene could have sufficed as a GT, instead of a Shelby Cobra GT500.

Nonetheless, I recommend this film to anyone with a bent for science fiction, horror, and especially both.

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