Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm It

Tagged by teaparty...I'll be a good sport and play along.
  1. I drink a large dark roast with half and half and Splenda every morning.

  2. My son is named after my two brothers.

  3. I was in the audience when the Pope was shot in 1981 (but had nothing to do with it)

  4. I have owned eighteen vehicles since getting married.

  5. My favorite job ever was School Bus Driver; second favorite is current: Financial Advisor

  6. I knew that I would marry my wife on our first date and forgot to tell her that until ten years later.

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The Night Writer

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Aaron APC said...

check my blog for my little known facts...

Night Writer said...

Sorry - I was out of town the last week. I'll try to respond on my blog tonight.