Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Jobs that Americans Won't Do (Part III)

"I found it interesting reading the "comments" after the on-line article. Many were highly doubtful that these jobs existed or that American workers were unwilling to take them. Doubt if they read any "bad" news articles (i.e. global warming, Iraq war) with the same discerning attitude.

They are going to be pissed off, pessimistic, and powerless, and damned if they're going to let any facts stand in their way! Life sucks, and only Hillary or Obama can make it better." - Jeff K

Left for dead, manufacturing cries out for workers

Manufacturing is far from dead, but too many young people think they've already seen the obituary.

Manufacturers told Pawlenty that they have jobs to offer, but can't find skilled workers or students interested in training.

Many young adults are passing up career opportunities with extensive training and salaries that begin at $50,000 a year, they said.

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