Sunday, March 23, 2008

Liberal Legislators take Heed

In a time when Minnesota legislators should be working to enhance our community's prospects for attracting and retaining high-quality employers with high-paying jobs, they are making exactly the wrong moves by increasing taxes and regulation for both businesses and individuals.

We have a lot of great companies founded and headquartered here, many of them Fortune 500. This has served to create a diversified and lucrative basis for our quality of life, especially here in the Twin Cities. It has also mostly insulated us from the even wilder fluctuations of real estate values across the country as we continue to enjoy a strong influx of young people seeking corporate careers here.

At the same time competition from other states, and maybe even other countries has increased, and they are actively pursuing our talent and employers. It would seem that our legislature is taking a lot for granted, and taking chances with the future of our local economy.

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