Monday, March 3, 2008

McCain chooses Wisely

I will continue to predict that fiscal and economic issues will by November be the theme of the campaign as the American people resign to the fact that Iraq is not going away any time soon, continues to fade from the headlines while the dollar fades in value under the weight of years of wasteful government spending.

In anticipation of this fact, coupled with his own implicit admission that he lacks executive and economic experience, McCain has enlisted a dream team of financial advisors - presumably potential cabinet members.

McCain's econ brain
Economic conservatives take heart: Phil Gramm is influencing the candidate's platform.

If McCain follows Gramm's counsel, and most of his current positions are vintage Gramm indeed, his policies as president would represent not just a sharp departure from the Bush years, but an assault on government growth that Republicans have boasted about, but failed to achieve, for decades.

What about taxes? McCain now advocates extending the Bush tax cuts that he twice voted against.

According to Fortune, McCain's advisors also include John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems - certainly a man with substantial executive experience and demonstrable success.

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Aaron APC said...

Although I've voted GOP in every presidential election, I was seriously giving Obama consideration. However, the beaurocracy and spending his new programs would require are serious deal-breakers.

In my opinion, McCain's age is his worst biggest drawback, but admittedly he looks spry for his age.

On the Chambers note, I do like Obama's idea to have a cabinet position for a Chief Information Technology Officer - something that seems long overdue and needed because the of the prevalence of technology in daily life. Chambers would be a splendid advisor for this role as well.