Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McCain Schools Obama and Clinton

John McCain is jetting back to his Senate seat to vote for an important bill:

Earmark Showdown

In the earmark wars, this week will see something of a showdown on the Senate floor. Republican Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri plan to offer an amendment to require that any earmarked spending project for 2009 get a two-thirds vote to go forward.

John McCain thinks the vote is important enough that he's returning from the campaign trail to vote for the measure. "I absolutely support the amendment to abolish [earmarks] altogether," he says, building on his campaign pledge to veto any bill with earmarks if he becomes President.

In a sign of where the politics is moving on earmarks, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that they'll sign on as 11th-hour cosponsors. It appears they have suddenly found religion on the issue, because both sponsored a hefty number of earmarks in 2008 (see above).

11th-hour cosponsors? So basically they are jumping in at the end to claim that it was their idea too? We can not let either of these jokers gain access to the federal checkbook.

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