Sunday, March 16, 2008

Michelle Obama at the Helm

Barrack Obama continues to speak in auditoriums filled with groupies spun to a froth like the cotton candy that is an apt metaphor for the lack of substance of his campaign. One has to wonder, based on his lack of legislative experience and accomplishment if he really has a platform at all.

Not to worry. Observe closely and you might envision Michelle, his angry spouse and closest advisor, actually wresting the wheel from her husband's bony hands if the Obama family moves to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Michelle Obama has a grim view of America. A view she made known in comments of late, which were somewhat retracted and repackaged not unlike Geraldine Ferraro's unwise but obviously valid commentary on the Obama candidacy.

Michelle Obama's disdain for America does not bode well if she were to become First Lady. Make no mistake, the Obama vision for "Change" is not a matter of attacking our nation's problems with a fresh perspective. It is a platform of promoting a level of liberalism beyond anything this nation has ever seen - or will tolerate.

His closest adviser, Michelle Obama, has left little doubt about her views of American society, and its people.

In speeches on the campaign trail she has held forth on her view of America, which is, as she describes it, a country that is "downright mean" and "driven by fear." She recently waxed irate over the American attention to security interests, arguing that we should be "changing the conversation" and building diplomatic relations "instead of protecting ourselves against terrorists."

In short, not only is existence in America a desperate proposition for most citizens -- anyone claiming to have led a satisfactory one not sunk in the hell that is American life is, quite simply, lying. America is, she has elsewhere informed audiences, a nation whose "souls are broken."

It is a vision striking for its consistent hostility to any notion that Americans have cause for optimism and pride in their country: striking, too, for the stark and obvious absence, in this graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School, of any sense of the reasons Americans might revere their nation and consider themselves fortunate to be its citizens.

These people are pissed and the only lever they know to pull is bigger government. A government that places a safety blanket so tightly around all it's citizens that it smothers them.

A government so large that it crushes the very people it was meant to serve. A government that no longer protects it's citizens. A government so voracious for our dollars that there will be no incentive for earning them while at the same time they lose even more value.

Socialism. It's been tried before.

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