Monday, March 10, 2008

Minneapolis Auto Show

General Motors Cashing in on MMGW Hysteria

Dodge Challenger with the 6.1L Hemi

Chrysler Nassau Concept
GMC Denali XT Concept
Buick Enclave Cutaway
Potiac G8
Camaro Concept

Nissa GT-R

Lexus ES 350


Bike Bubba said...

Whaddaya think of the Enclave? With five kids, I dare suggest that I'm more likely to be driving that than a Camaro. :^)

jroosh said...

I really like it.

Plus Tiger Woods drives one!

(sure he does)

I don't know if even an Enclave can comfortably carry five kids! Try a Suburban!

Bike Bubba said...

Good point. The scots part of me just likes the idea of paying about ten grand less on the purchase, and then a fair amount less on gas & maintenance.