Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama reveals himself

Until recently, Sen. Barack Obama took a responsible position on Social Security, noting the urgency of reform and saying all options should be on the table.

But having cornered himself among Democratic activists whose attitudes toward Social Security reform range from demagoguery to denial, Mr. Obama has recently veered sharply left. He now proposes to solve the looming Social Security shortfall exclusively with higher taxes.

What fiscal liberals don't get and probably never will is that when you soak the rich, you soak everyone indirectly.

You can't help the caboose by hurting the engine.

Upper-income Americans not only drive our economy, they own the small businesses (if they are fortunate enough to succeed) that employ most Americans, liberal or not.

Make no mistake, Obama is a Socialist.

Fiscal liberals (I count G.W. Bush among them) like Obama and Clinton are moving us ever closer to financial disaster with their tax and spend policies and you can bet that Obama can't wait to get into the White House and bring "Change."

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