Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama to Kerry: "Get off my Side!"

[Gump] Ahm not uh smart mayan Jen-nee, buht I know what Black is." [end Gump]

In a recent interview John Kerry, who presented himself in 2004 as the intelligent, learned choice between he and George Bush, jumped in the hole with his buddy Barrack and started digging it deeper.

"He has the ability to help us bridge the divide of religious extremism," Kerry said. "To maybe even give power to moderate Islam to be able to stand up against this radical misinterpretation of a legitimate religion."

"Because he's African-American. Because he's a black man. Who has come from a place of oppression and repression through the years in our own country."

Where is this "place of oppression and repression" in which Obama has suffered "through the years"? Hawaii? Harvard? The Senate? We should find out immediately and do something about this horrific crisis.

...he is drawing an equivalence between American blacks, a racial minority in one country, and Middle Eastern Muslims, a religious majority in a whole region. To John Kerry, it seems, all "disenfranchised" people look alike.

Never mind that, as Greenwald points out, "Arab Muslims [are] none too happy with their black countrymen in northern Africa." Never mind that in some African countries, notably Sudan and Mauritania, Arab Muslims still enslave blacks.

To Kerry, it seems, all "oppressed peoples" look alike. The man has all the intellectual subtlety of a third-rate ethnic studies professor.

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Brad Carlson said...

Defeated Presidential candidates' endorsements are usually the kiss of death anyhow (See "Al Gore endorses Howard Dean - 2004")