Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Freedom Writers

Hilary Swank stars in a "based on real events" drama that at first left me thinking I was not in the mood for this - it's been done.

It's the story of an inner-city school racked with gang activity, drugs, and broken families staffed by haggard, deflated teachers resigned to the fact that they can't make a difference, so why even try. Think Teachers (starring Nick Nolte), The Principal (starring Jim Belushi) and the excellent Coach Carter, also a true story and starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Plus, like recent DOA Stop Loss, it's an MTV movie, not exactly a predictor of success, although Coach Carter was also brought to us by MTV Films.

Freedom Writers starts off slow and follows a predictable formula. Hang in there. The combination of creative almost docu-drama production values, coupled with a moving peformance from Hilary Swank and the young performers wins you over, pushes you to the edge emotionally and rewards your patience.

Patrick Dempsey and Scott Glen are a welcome bonus as is (some of) the soundtrack. Not a bad movie for the kids to see, save a couple effenheimers.

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Brad Carlson said...

I liked this movie when it was called Stand and Deliver. I also liked the version entitled Dangerous Minds.