Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's Play Hide the Obama!

Obama doesn't want to play any more. After the other night, he doesn't want the hard questions.

...because he ain't got the answers.

Big baby.

Does this bode well for Obammy? Have Hillary and Obama succeeded at tearing each other's candidacy to shreds?

...or will McCain finish Obama off once Hillary is done with him?

Hillary Clinton had accepted the invitation to Sunday's proposed (North Carolina) debate but Barack Obama's campaign had not. In an interview with the Charlotte Observer earlier this month, Obama voiced skepticism about participating in too many debates.

"I will tell you, after the 21st debate," Obama told the paper (in advance of last week's 21st debate), "all of which have been nationally televised . . . North Carolinians have had ample opportunity to watch these debates. . . . I don't know that they are ending up being more informative than the kinds of town hall meetings that we've scheduled."

Of course, after last week's debate--which turned out to be highly informative--Obama has got to be wishing he had stopped at 20.

It strikes us that Obama may be setting a trap for himself. Consider the experience of John Kerry in 2004: He won nomination easily, with the media largely buying into his "war hero" story and not asking tough questions.

One notable exception was ABC's Charlie Gibson, who almost exactly a year ago confronted Kerry about his shifty behavior vis-à-vis his medals.

Once Kerry was past the convention, the questions that should have been asked much earlier began coming out. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ended up doing the media's job for them. If Obama succeeds in avoiding the tough questions now, someone will end up asking them in the fall.

Will he be prepared?

I think not. And the tough stuff is beyond Hillary. It is becoming clear that the Democrats are in big trouble. Already.

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