Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not Your Father's

...his was made in Detroit.

All I have to say is "Why?"

Toyota officials have stated that GM’s copyright on the Oldsmobile brand name expired midway through 2006. In the midst of the constant corporate shuffling underway in the domestic automotive juggernaut, somehow responsibility for renewal slipped through the cracks and the name floated around untethered for almost a year before someone at Toyota noticed. The unsubstantiated—at this point—story is that the alert came from the astute nephew of a still-confidential executive, who works as a clerk in the U.S. Copyright Office.

Just because you can, doesn't mean its a great idea. As if Toyota needs another brand to manage.

Citing Oldsmobile’s greatest successes as a slightly upmarket and sportier alternative to its Chevrolet and Pontiac cousins, Carter said that the name will be applied to today’s American performance-oriented luxury vehicles—SUVs.

Well if being cancelled is what you call success, then yes!

Asked if the iForce V-8 in the Sequoia will be renamed Rocket for Oldsmobile applications, Carter scoffed. “Toyota is a company that looks forward, not back. The past can inspire us, but we can never relive it. We will not mire ourselves in bygone days.”

...but bringing back the Oldsmobile brand is forward-looking?

Yikes. Someone is going to lose their job over this one.
note the date

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Leo Pusateri said...

I was always partial to the Cutlass 442 :-)