Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rescue Dawn

Rescue Dawn is a pretty well made film, based on true events, it depicts the adventures of Dieter Dengler, a Navy pilot who is shot down conducting a secret bombing mission. Secret because the US was supposedly not yet in the war in Viet Nam when he was assigned the mission.

Dieter is captured and thrown in with other POW's that have been captive for a couple years before Dengler got there. Ostensibly, the rest of the story is their survival and escape.

I found the movie interesting and timely given John McCain's experience as a POW even though I don't think he spent time in a jungle camp like these guys.

Christian Bale (see Batman Begins) and Steve Zahn (a Minnesota native) offer decent performances.

Rescue Dawn is an entertaining movie, good enough to rent at least, mostly because it's (based on) a true story.

Or is it?

The family of Dieter Dengler disagrees. They have their own website debunking the authenticity of the producer's version of events depitcted in the movie.

Whether the heroe's welcome at the end is true or not, it was satisfying enough, all told a pretty good film, authentic or not.

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