Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tax My HSA!?

If you want to raise the ire of the average American and his or her employer, there may be no better way to do it right now than mess with their HSA's.

Health Savings Accounts are bringing choice and therefore market forces to bear on the health insurance industry. They help employers and employees reduce and better manage their health care expenditures. Most importantly, they allow the consumer to become more involved in the decision-making process, which I can't help but think has put insurance companies and health care providers on notice.

But then there's the Democrats. Their lack of understanding of job creation and economic growth, let alone the motivations and forces that create the wealth they are so intent on redistributing, never ceases to amaze. Their rabid wont for revenue to grow government is palpable and unsustainable.

Democrats have made affordable health care a mainstay of their election agenda, but apparently only if you're willing to get insurance through the government. Witness their stealthy assault on Americans who prefer the private-sector option of Health Savings Accounts.

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