Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Gangster

American Gangster is the typical Gangster film with the requisite rags to riches story rife with "mafia honor and ethics". Set in the seventies, it is the true story of the rise of presumably, America's first African-American gangster. Juxtaposed is Russell Crowe, who plays a flawed but honest cop who is tapped to head the areas federal drug enforcement gang.

The movie comes to its logical end (which is to say either the bad guy or the good guy loses - I'll not give it away) and then there is another chapter. A welcome chapter in fact as if the movie ended where you think it is about to end, it wouldn't quite feel right.

...and then there's even a prologue which puts an artful cap on an otherwise decent but not particularly ground-breaking film.

Russell Crowe does not disappoint although he's played this role before. Denzel Washington more of the same, which isn't bad, its just not substantially unlike any other character he has played.

If you are a Crowe fan, I recommend it.

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