Saturday, May 3, 2008

August Rush

Save a couple formulaic plot twists, some gratuitous sappiness and a couple instances of weak dialogue, August Rush is a supremely satisfying movie and an invincible date night selection, defying the low expectations set by its overdone, overpromoted trailers.

Keri Russel, rumored to be the next voice of Wonder Woman, is mostly known for small roles and made-for-TV fare, and is an apt choice for a role that isn't particularly challenging; and she did just fine.

Separated from his unmarried parents at birth, young August Rush has always been inspired by his musical gifts and his quest to find his parents. He imagines his gift to hear music in the ambience wherever he travels, is the cosmos connecting him to them.

Little August bounces between an orphanage and street life, escaping the grasp of a self-serving pimp of street musicians well portrayed by Robin Williams, an excellent choice. Soon thereafter, he and his musical gifts are discovered by the Julliard school of music, where he is enrolled. There, as child prodigy, he effortlessly composes an orchestral work inspired by the ambient noises of the city, and to be performed in the park in New York City.

He may be about to realize his lifelong dream of composing a musical work that will be enjoyed by enough people that his parents will somehow recognize him via the music.

August Rush is an engaging, emotional movie, mostly well written and crafted, with an excellent soundtrack.

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