Tuesday, May 6, 2008

McCain Speaks Up on Healthcare

John McCain could very easily hang back right now and wait until the battle for the Democratic Party's nomination leaves one man standing. It isn't yet certain if Universal Healthcare will be as big an issue for Obama if he is nominated as it is for Hillary Clinton.

Nonetheless, John McCain is stepping out on the issue. Fiscal conservatives should be encouraged.

For a man whose heterodoxies have no doubt triggered GOP heartburn, John McCain delivered another speech yesterday on health care that offered a sophisticated set of policies that could lead to some of the most constructive changes to the system in decades.

Mr. McCain undertook yesterday to recast this looming argument in a new mold. He contended that the health insurance and delivery system is in fact failing many Americans – but that it was failing because of market distortions mostly created by the government itself. Fixing these irrationalities would both make insurance more affordable and increase overall coverage in the bargain. Nor would it require the vast new entitlement programs Democrats are eyeing.

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