Friday, May 23, 2008

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton is the story of a seventeen-year utility player, a bagman, a clean up artist, a closer for a prestigious law firm in the verge of orchestrating a three billion dollar settlement between a agribusiness leviathan, their client, and plaintiffs who claimed their chemicals, leaching into groundwater, caused dire health issues.

When the firms lead attorney goes off his medication and strips naked in a video-taped deposition, Clayton, played by George Clooney is sent in to clean up the mess.

When he finds that his partner wasn't so crazy after all and had actually grown a conscience, Clayton is torn between his allegiance to the firm and his own sensibilities.

Michael Clayton is an engrossing murder/counter-intelligence legal thriller as well as an entertaining character study. Written by Tony Gilroy who is also responsible for The Bourne Identity trilogy, it is a little Changing Lanes, a little Jerry Maguire, The Rainmaker and A Civil Action.

Sydney Pollack is at home in his role as the patriarch of the firm, not unlike Changing Lanes where he essentially plays the very same character.

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