Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Country for Old Men

Quote of the film (Tommy Lee Jones):

"I always figured when I got older....God would sort of come into my life somehow. And he didn't. And I don't blame him. If I was him I'd have the same opinion of me that he does."

No Country for Old Men is an extraordinarily violent, graphic film. Devoid of meaning or moral, this film is designed simply to disturb two hours and twenty minutes of your staid existence. I don't know if I rooted more for the bad guy, the dumb guy or the good guy more. By the time the film is over (and you wont' believe it when it is) it was hard to tell who prevailed (well, save the guy that got himself decidedly perforated).

Javier Bardem was awesome, he's got "strong, silent and deranged" down. He's got nicer hair than John Edwards.

Tommy Lee Jones was Tommy Lee Jones, which isn't a bad thing; he was made for his role and vice versa.

Not so much a date night selection but recommended nonetheless.


Kermit said...

I was terribly disappointed by this film. It was just so dreary. Aside from the scene with the gas station attendant and the coin toss it just dragged. That one snapped.
Brolin sleep-walked through it. Tommy phoned in his performance, and the ending sucked more than Doug and Al with a jar of grape jelly.

More proof that the Academy has just plain lost it. Best picture? Not in my world.

Night Writer said...

Agreed - it was Tommy Lee Jones at his best. His pacing was note perfect on his short monologs (especially the one with the dream about his father), just like the Texas drawl of the Scottish actress who played Brolin's wife. I thought any number of the scenes could have stood alone as examples of the craft, which they almost had to do in terms of the story being tied up at the end.

It was a typical funky Coen Bros. movie where you have to come to your own conclusions about what it means. My opinion is that since it was seat around 1980 it perhaps serves as one answer to the question, "How the hell did it come to this?"