Saturday, May 31, 2008


Before I was married, my primary means of transportation for nine months of the year was a 1983 Honda V-65 Magna. In 1983, at around 118 HP, the Magna was both the fastest production motorcycle available and the most deadly. I miss that bike still, and Honda doesn't make anything close to it today. It's chief competitor in my mind was the Yamaha V-Max, which is making a comeback in 2009 (Yamaha's been selling virtually the same model for close to twenty years, are skipping the 2008 model year and are upgrading the bike for 2009).

The V-Max doesn't have 118 HP though. It has 210. That's more horsepower than the first eight cars I've owned, and this thing probably weighs 700 lbs without a rider.

This bike will put a smile on your face and then wipe it clean off. Where's the waiting list?

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