Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Quick Survey of the Boston Area

Number One Earns His Wings

Number One Earns His Wings, originally uploaded by jroosh.

The Bucket List

The Bucket List, not unlike Wild Hogs, is not a complicated movie with multiple subplots, high suspense or significant character development. Hogs, the story of four mid lifers having a last hurrah before going over the hill had huge comedic potential but failed to capitalize first because it wasn't funny and second because it didn't balance the slapstick with a little drama to round out the plot.

The Bucket List made me think of Hogs because it also has great plot potential and it also tells the story of a couple men dealing with a reality of life - death. Produced by Rob Reiner, the film never makes you "laugh until you cry" (which is on The List by the way) but it draws you in, is filled with amazing scenery, and ends before you want it to. Hogs was embarrassingly bad. Bucket is a solid movie.

...and it's almost a message makes you want to make your "Bucket List" now.

Morgan Freeman is as good as ever but Jack Nicholson earns his keep as his true acting prowess is exhibited in his monologue near the end of the movie. I will see this one again.


Number One Age 6 1/2

Number One becomes a teenager on Monday. He and I on our way to Boston to celebrate.

Stay tuned for pics.

We will be visiting...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Head Automatica - Brooklyn is Burning

Five American Cars that Don't Suck

Car and Driver lists the The Best Reasons to Buy American.

...and I'm sure you are dying to know what I think.

I must admit while this car is probably not a fit for me, the design is a breakthrough especially for a Chevy. It is a particularly rich-looking car for the money.

This one's a no-brainer. Cadillac has finally got it's (stuff) together and save putting extra chrome and wood on a Suburban and calling it an Escalade and charging another thirty grand, Cadillac is producing some fine automobiles and the CTS may be the best Cadillac ever.

I'm not buying this and I'm not buying this as a breakthrough car. It's a square minivan - or a larger Scion (Toyota) xB. You all know what I think of minivans - and I really don't think they need to be reinvented. Chrysler already makes a square minivan. No thanks.

Corvettes, at least the last couple of series, have offered some of the best horsepower per dollar ratios in the automotive world and GM has been smart to let Chevrolet keep the faith. Corvettes are fast enough to blow the doors of most anything else save the ultra-exotics and are now comfortable and durable enough to be a daily driver - although maybe not in Minnesota.

While the Challenger is cute, and certainly true to the design of the original, putting a big V8 in front driving the rear wheels of a large coupe isn't exactly ground-breaking. Most of these cars, and there probably won't be a lot of them on the road, will be the V6 variants anyway. Plus - it's been done already. It's called the Ford Mustang.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Madonna Endorses John McCain

Okay maybe not so much. Cute nonetheless.

HT Althouse

Basic Market Forces Confound and Confuse The Distinguished Senator from Illinois

Senator Obama is exhibiting ignorance at a pace that is faster than I can type.

From the NY Times:

Senator Barack Obama took a poke at his Republican opponent on Tuesday, saying that for Senator John McCain to talk of a "psychological benefit" from expanded offshore drilling is to define that policy as a gimmick.

Mr. Obama was responding to remarks that Mr. McCain made on Monday in Fresno, Calif., when he observed that even though the nation might take years to benefit from offshore drilling, "exploiting those reserves would have psychological impact that I think is beneficial.

Mr. Obama seized on those comments while speaking at a town hall-style meeting here.

" 'Psychological impact'?" Mr. Obama said. "In case you're wondering, that's Washington-speak for 'It polls well.' "

The Wall Street Journal responds:

The "psychological impact" to which McCain refers is quite simple: The expectation of greater oil supplies in the future would make it more attractive to sell oil now, when supplies are restricted and prices are high, thereby bringing prices down in the short term.

Is Obama really too ignorant to grasp this, or does he just think voters are?

Methinks both.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Barack Obama! The man that wants to lead our nation; restore our economy!

Why is the price of Oil so high? Speculation? Not so much. Weak dollar? Getting warmer. Supply and demand? Warmer Still. The anticipation of static supply and high demand? Bingo!

Economics 101, Obammy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama Proposes the Use of Force In Detroit; McCain Favors Diplomacy

As expected, presidential hopeful John McCain outlined a plan yesterday which would offer a $300 million cash prize to the first company able to build a better automotive battery. The proposal is part of an effort to reduce the nation's petroleum usage, in this case, by furthering the development of electric cars. In what would must be the least shocking news of the day, McCain's rival for the White House, Barack Obama, isn't in favor of the Arizona Senator's plan, calling it a "gimmick" and suggesting that his plan to force automakers into a 50 mile per gallon fleet average by 2027 would be more effective.

Obama, you are an idiot. I have regressed to name calling because only an idiot would use the word "force" in America. You will be to the economy as the Iceberg was to the Titanic.

If people want 50 MPG cars, they will buy them and the automakers will rise to the occasion. That's how capitalism works. That's how America works.
If gas prices stay high, which most believe is likely, automakers will soon be fighting over the bragging rights for the highest MPG car in America. The Horsepower war will give way to Thrift.

True to form, Obama, as the typical liberal politician (Change? None.) can't come up with his own idea, so all he can do is criticize the Republican's idea. Wow. What a breakthrough. You would have been better off just keeping your mouth shut until some staffer, smarter than you, came up with "your" own plan.

In the mean time, all major automakers have suspended or reduced production of full-sized SUV's and at the same time are scrambling to offer hybrids, diesels and otherwise more fuel efficient cars.

Toyota can't make enough Hybrids to keep up. Even lowly used Chevy Aveo's, a joke of a car, but also a high-MPG car, have gone up in price and are now hard to find.
Who forced all that?

Obama, you are a liberal hack that knows nothing of our economy or how it works, especially how it works for the people that you supposedly count among your constituents.

While McCain's idea may be a hokey, at least he knows that the best way to get what you want isn't to force it. It is to incent it. His idea will create momentum and innovation while yours will create division, layoffs and legislative gridlock.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Case for Government Healthcare getting weaker and weaker.

Thousands of hospitals, nursing homes and other Medicare providers owe the federal government more than $2 billion in payroll and other taxes.

In some cases, they used the money to buy luxury cars and million-dollar homes.

So to recap, a seperate agency of the federal government is required to inform us that Medicare isn't managing it's accounts payable.

Fast forward to the "Progressive" future where this same level of corruption incompetence is enlisted to manage a national healthcare system.

A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) examined 436,000 Medicare providers who received government payments in 2006. It found that more than 27,000, or about 6 percent, owed taxes.

Nearly half of those taxes -- $896 million -- was money withheld from employees' paychecks for Social Security and Medicare programs. Instead of paying those taxes to the government, the owners of hospitals and nursing homes diverted the money into personal accounts, the GAO said."Medicare is a health care program that is designed to serve our nation's seniors, yet this investigation reveals that at all levels -- from hospitals to nursing homes to doctors -- some health care providers are subverting the tax system to line their pockets," said Sen. Norm Coleman R-Minn.,


Medicare providers keeping billions of taxes for themselves

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Give us your tired, your poor, your can't find a doctor because your healthcare system is falling apart...

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ugh at First Sight

...and then it sort of grows on you. The wierd, overstyled headlights are different for the sake of being different but not enough to spoil what is otherwise a fresh and powerful design.

2009 Nissan Maxima

Still displacing 3.5-liters, the engine is now rated at 290 horsepower and 261 lb-ft of torque. Horsepower is up 35 over the last model, while torque increases 9 lb-ft. Even with the boost in power, Nissan is claiming fuel economy of 19 mpg in the city. On the highway, the new sedan is rated at 26 mpg (1 mpg better than before).