Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bucket List

The Bucket List, not unlike Wild Hogs, is not a complicated movie with multiple subplots, high suspense or significant character development. Hogs, the story of four mid lifers having a last hurrah before going over the hill had huge comedic potential but failed to capitalize first because it wasn't funny and second because it didn't balance the slapstick with a little drama to round out the plot.

The Bucket List made me think of Hogs because it also has great plot potential and it also tells the story of a couple men dealing with a reality of life - death. Produced by Rob Reiner, the film never makes you "laugh until you cry" (which is on The List by the way) but it draws you in, is filled with amazing scenery, and ends before you want it to. Hogs was embarrassingly bad. Bucket is a solid movie.

...and it's almost a message makes you want to make your "Bucket List" now.

Morgan Freeman is as good as ever but Jack Nicholson earns his keep as his true acting prowess is exhibited in his monologue near the end of the movie. I will see this one again.


ManhattanGirl said...

It's cute how you watch movies like "Bucket List" staring men your age.

jroosh said... least I can spell!