Monday, June 9, 2008

Is This the Best You Can Do?

Are you kidding me?

Certainly the Democrat endorsement this weekend of Al Franken comes as no surprise but in retrospect, now that it is in place, one must wonder, even - especially - as a Democrat - is this the best you can do?

A vulgar, loud-mouthed, tax-evading, embezzling, former comedian and pornographer?

In Minnesota?!

He says he wants to focus on the issues? ...but how can anyone take him seriously regarding the issues? He can't manage his own issues!

...he is the issue!

I guess Jesse wasn't such a fluke after all?

...and to potentially send to Washington a more embarrassing, disrespected and ineffective Senator than Paul Wellstone? ...or Mark Dayton?

I can't imagine Norm Coleman's crew worrying too much about having to move out his office in DC next year. But I've been very wrong before.

Some of my closest friends are far more liberal than I, and I respect their positions and opinions and value their perspective. Having said that, if you are a Franken supporter, can you express your support for Franken without comparing him to anyone else? (i.e. he's more/less blank and blank than Coleman, etc.). Can you express his unique virtues or qualifications for office? ...specifically?


jkruse said...

Very busy this week, but in a word, yes.

Smithers said...

...and to potentially send to Washington a more embarrassing, disrespected and ineffective Senator than Paul Wellstone?

Hummm...I did not find Senator Wellstone embarrassing.

jroosh said...

Sorry, I left out one word.

By no means is this scientific or even valid but try Googling embarrassingly liberal
and see what comes up.

One could make the argument that the term was invented for Wellstone.

jkruse said...

OK - I said I don't have much time, but I did the google search. Not sure what I was supposed to find.

You tell me which is more embarrassing:


jroosh said...

Krusey, come on! There are millions of "Bush is Stupid" videos out there. That's not really exerting much effort on your part. I'll not debate that Bush has had some amazing gaffes.

But you could easily surmise (at least beforehand) that he was qualified for the job. He at least had relevant experience. He wasn't an embarassment to his state. He wasn't a tax-evader or pornographer.

When is someone going to tell me why Franken is qualified to be a Senatorial nominee without hearing how stupid someone else is?

jkruse said...

1. The video I linked to of Bush was not a 'gaffe.' That was a video of him being a d!&k. (I'm trying hard to respect the stylistic customs of your blog.) It's embarrassing to have a d!$k for a president.

2. I never have, and never will surmise that Bush was qualified for any job. He ran multiple businesses into the ground (even with the support of his father's rich friends), traded Sammy Sosa, and was governor in a state where the governor does nothing. If I recall correctly, he had never been outside the U.S. or Mexico.

Al has spent a great deal of time researching and writing and talking about political issues pertinent to our time. At times he's written about those issues with a great deal of snark and colorful language. People may say that makes him unqualified for office - I say it's evident he's as frustrated as I am about a lot of things that have happened to our country over the past 20 years.

He cares deeply for our troops and has taken many tours of Iraq to visit/entertain them.

I agree with his position on nearly every issue except the inception of the Iraq war. He's since realized he was wrong and openly admits it. In addition to having the right ideas, he's very eloquent when discussing policy and when more Minnesotans hear him speak seriously (as they will now) he's going to mop the floor with blow-dry Norm.

I'm about to board a flight to George Bush Airport (I mean Houston), so that's all I've got to add for now.

jkruse said...

p.s. Al didn't evade taxes - he paid them in the wrong state.

Bike Bubba said...

Yup, Franken just made a mistake that happened to....lower his taxes every time he made it. Sorry, kruse, I don't know that the accountants who do his taxes are that dumb.

And Franken a serious writer? Are you talking about the guy whose main literary "accomplishments" are book length ad hominem attacks? Sorry, but "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot" isn't exactly Tully's work, to put it mildly.