Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Metro Transit Suffers a Backfire

I was listening to WCCO this morning, they were interviewing Metro Transit spokesperson Bob Gibbons, who was aglow with reports of higher ridership of late, attributed to higher gas prices.

Only not everything is coming up roses at MTC. They have a budget shortfall despite buses and trains (apparently) being loaded to the gills. Light rail ridership is at levels anticipated to occur in 2020 according to Mr. Gibbons.

So why the shortfall?

Car sales are down.

Say again?

Right. Car sales are down.

Did you know every time you buy a car in Minnesota you are participating in yet another liberal wealth-transfer scheme? Probably unknowingly?

Part of the package of fees and taxes ramrodded into every automotive purchase is directed to our loss-leading mass transit system, like so many earmarks are lobbed into our legislative process.

Theoretically, if more and more people dump their cars and hop on the bus, our mass transit system will lose more and more money. Higher ridership isn't built into the plan.

Didn't they think of this ahead of time? No. Why not? Because government doesn't think like a business does. There is no financial accountability; no regard for living within one's means; just an agenda that is to be force-fed to us to fulfill some one's vision of the mother-state running our happy little homogenized lives.

According to Mr. Gibbons two thirds of all transit riders also own cars. Which is to say they can afford to pay a fare that is commensurate with the service they are provided - versus one that is obviously reflective of enormous subsidy, much of which apparently (and ironically) comes from the sale of motor vehicles.

So who's at the wheel over there?

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Bike Bubba said...

Here's an interesting article on how Japan and Europe make transit work. They have kept it in the private sector, hence no bazillion dollar capital.