Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama Proposes the Use of Force In Detroit; McCain Favors Diplomacy

As expected, presidential hopeful John McCain outlined a plan yesterday which would offer a $300 million cash prize to the first company able to build a better automotive battery. The proposal is part of an effort to reduce the nation's petroleum usage, in this case, by furthering the development of electric cars. In what would must be the least shocking news of the day, McCain's rival for the White House, Barack Obama, isn't in favor of the Arizona Senator's plan, calling it a "gimmick" and suggesting that his plan to force automakers into a 50 mile per gallon fleet average by 2027 would be more effective.

Obama, you are an idiot. I have regressed to name calling because only an idiot would use the word "force" in America. You will be to the economy as the Iceberg was to the Titanic.

If people want 50 MPG cars, they will buy them and the automakers will rise to the occasion. That's how capitalism works. That's how America works.
If gas prices stay high, which most believe is likely, automakers will soon be fighting over the bragging rights for the highest MPG car in America. The Horsepower war will give way to Thrift.

True to form, Obama, as the typical liberal politician (Change? None.) can't come up with his own idea, so all he can do is criticize the Republican's idea. Wow. What a breakthrough. You would have been better off just keeping your mouth shut until some staffer, smarter than you, came up with "your" own plan.

In the mean time, all major automakers have suspended or reduced production of full-sized SUV's and at the same time are scrambling to offer hybrids, diesels and otherwise more fuel efficient cars.

Toyota can't make enough Hybrids to keep up. Even lowly used Chevy Aveo's, a joke of a car, but also a high-MPG car, have gone up in price and are now hard to find.
Who forced all that?

Obama, you are a liberal hack that knows nothing of our economy or how it works, especially how it works for the people that you supposedly count among your constituents.

While McCain's idea may be a hokey, at least he knows that the best way to get what you want isn't to force it. It is to incent it. His idea will create momentum and innovation while yours will create division, layoffs and legislative gridlock.


jkruse said...

If people want 50 MPG cars, they will buy them and the automakers will rise to the occasion.

I'm mad that I'm forced to run unleaded fuel in my car, and that it has a catalytic converter. That thing must have added $500 to the sticker price.


Smithers said...

Why should there be any incentives if the market makes the final determination? Beta was better than VHS but the market chose differently.

jroosh said...

The Beta/VHS battle isn't an issue of national security like our dependence on foreign energy.

If you go Obama's route, manufacturers will work to circumvent the regulations because consumers will still ultimately drive what they want, within reason. A forced approach will only create friction and division.

"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

McCain's strategy will potentially pull people out of the woodwork, and from outside the automotive industry to think outside the box and find a solution, if it is even possible.

A "contest" is a little hokey, I would have thought tax credits or other financial incentives might be an alternative approach but I am opposed to Obama's strongarm approach.

I think government is most effective and efficient when it incents versus forces the hand of industry.

Kermit said...

Smithers comes to Roosh 5 and makes perfect sense. Change indeed.

That's how America works.
In Obama World America is broken, and Capitalism is the reason why.

Bike Bubba said...

I believe that you can get leaded gas and a car without a catalytic converter in Europe, jkruse. At least you could until recently.

Biggest argument I know against 50mpg requirements is that there is no clear path to it, as there are no cars on the market now that achieve it. Barack Obama cannot mandate a favorable change in aerodynamics, materials, or the Carnot efficiency of gas engines or fuel cells.

He can put a lot of people out of work pretending he can, though.