Thursday, July 10, 2008

Will Obama Inherit Two Three Wars?

One has to wonder, given recent history, what Iran's President Ahmadinejad is thinking. Why openly threaten Israel? Why goad the US in doing so? Does he think that we are spent on Iraq? Does he expect a potential Obama presidency to be that impotent?

Meanwhile, plans to attack Iran may already be in place and the potential of an Obama presidency may be fastracking Israel's execution, inexorably drawing the US into another conflict. Which begs the question, if polls show Obama's chances of gaining the White House increasingly likely, will Israel expedite their plans? Will an Obama administration be ready to inherit two wars?

In a recent piece for the Washington Post, Israeli commentator Yossi Melman writes: “No decision to attack Iran has been made in Israel” and it is “a matter of at least one year” before any decision will be made.

Melman’s words seem enough to convince the editorial staffs of publications like the Post and the Nation. But sources inside the U.S. intelligence and Defense communities are telling us, there is an increasing “probability” that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will soon strike Iranian nuclear facilities.

One intelligence community source tells us, “The campaign will last more than a few days, perhaps up to a week or more.” And it looks as if the operational green-light will be given at some point within the next few months before any window of opportunity closes that would prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon

We know Ahmadinejad frequently threatens to "wipe Israel off the map,"

“The Israelis know that politically they have to do it this year, because they and we don’t know who is going to be the U.S. president next year. They also know this thing has to be done as a regime change. If they want this to be successful -- and they do -- they can’t just go in and only take out the nuke sites.”

The stakes for Israel go beyond any operational success or failure; for as IAF Col. Ziv Levy told Bob Simon in a 60 Minutes interview earlier this year, Israel cannot lose: “The first war we lose, Israel will cease to exist.”

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Smithers said...

Will an Obama administration be ready to inherit two wars?

Of course you mean three wars as we are already currently engaged in two wars.

Bike Bubba said...

True--reality is, though, that a certain candidate from Chicago thinks he can talk down the world's foremost advocate of a new Shoah. If he's elected, hopefully he reconsiders.